Advanced Stalking Offender Identification

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Stalking is a devastating crime. Persistent, unwanted pursuit or harassment may cause a once vibrant, hopeful woman to live in fear. The terrifying effects of stalking however, do not stop at emotional distress.

Most committed stalkers fall within a category I call “High-Lethality Offenders.” High-Lethality Offenders are capable of escalating violence, and could potentially end up murdering their victim. Unfortunately, few offenders are ever identified as being high-lethal threats prior to committing a violent crime.

Acknowledging High-Lethality Offenders before they harm their victims saves lives. Danger assessment tools must be used to identify potential threats. Once the threat has been identified, immediate protective action must follow. This training course teaches you how to identify, assess and document potential threats. You will also learn how to take protective action to defend stalking victims.


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