Commander Paul Szych started his twenty-six-year law enforcement career in the Metro Detroit Area prior to joining the Albuquerque Police Department. Upon being promoted to Sergeant, he assumed command of APD's Domestic Violence and Stalking Unit. Over the following eight years, he supervised more than 1,850 high-lethality domestic violence and stalking-related threaten mitigation cases, focusing on "predict and prevent" ideology. During those eight years, Cmmdr. Szych's Unit experienced zero victim losses through the full implementation of the Dynamic Stalking Intervention⌐ model, which Cmmdr. Szych developed. Cmmdr. Szych has also supervised detectives in homicide, robbery, burglary, auto theft, bait car operations and Title III wiretap multi-jurisdictional major case investigations.

Cmmdr. Paul Szych is a nationally recognized stalking, domestic violence, & threat mitigation instructor, as well as a published law enforcement author. Cmmdr. Szych's books, "Dynamic Stalking Intervention⌐ and "Stop Him From Killing Them⌐," have received praise from police officers, security professionals, and judicial experts. Cmmdr. Szych has been a guest speaker at more than fifty engagements, addressing topics such as: advanced stalking homicide avoidance, domestic violence strangulation, disruptive interviews, threats to kill evaluation, GPS field operations, stalking surveillance tactical operations, domestic violence homicide avoidance, habitual domestic violence offenders, campus violence avoidance, workplace violence homicide avoidance, lethality-based policing, community policing, cyber stalking and police leadership.

Corporate America has called Cmmdr. Szych's workplace violence homicide avoidance workshop "a life-changing experience." On March 15, 2009, Cmmdr. Szych provided expert stalking testimony to the New Mexico House of Representatives assisting in the passing of New Mexico's current stalking law. In 2006, Governor Bill Richardson appointed Cmmdr. Szych to the New Mexico Victim's Rights™ Alliance. Cmmdr. Szych is an expert commentator for the Discovery ID Channel, appearing in the show, "Stalked: Someone's Watching Episode 1: Nowhere to Run." Cmmdr. Szych has also appeared in movies, training films, and various productions earning him SAG Eligibility. The Family Justice Center of San Diego called Cmmdr. Szych's stalking homicide avoidance worldwide webinar, "The best training webinar on high-risk case response in the history of the National Family Justice Center."

Cmmdr. Szych is a graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and command, as well as the prestigious Gavin de Becker's Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy. Cmmdr. Szych is a federally trained use of force instructor and graduate of the FBI's crisis negotiation school. The International Association of Chiefs of Police called Cmmdr. Szych's Dynamic Stalking Intervention⌐ program, "An encouraging new law enforcement model" as it was given consideration in 2010 for an Excellence in Victim's Services Award.

Cmmdr. Szych may be available for speaking engagements and organizational training.
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