Dynamic Stalking Intervention (DSI)

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Dynamic Stalking Intervention® (DSI®) is a model designed to aid law enforcement in handling high-lethality domestic violence and/or stalking related cases.

Law enforcement is generally reactionary, waiting for events, before taking threat mitigation action. When high-lethality domestic violence and/or stalking offenders are involved however, this reactionary approach is inadequate. Action should be taken before the offender commits a violent crime.

DSI® provides the necessary clarity, allowing law enforcement to be proactively involved in case management. Proactive intervention is the best practice method to mitigate the threat posed by high-lethality offenders. DSI® threat mitigation protocol is street-tested by real cops, working real cases. 1,850 cases over an 8-year period, with zero victims lost, strongly indicate DSI® concepts and ideology increase victim safety.


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