Identify the Threat - Take Protective Actions.

Best Practice Approaches to Officer Off-Duty Conduct

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The public is always watching ... get the low-down on law enforcement policies, procedures and best practices for off-duty action.

Nationally police officers have come under immense scrutiny regarding the conduct of officers both on and off-duty. The proliferation of social media has proven to be a game changer when it comes to an officer's off-duty conduct. An officer's comments, photos and opinions can now be viewed by millions of people worldwide via the web. This dynamic has proven problematic for police organizations in their efforts to mitigate civil liability involving officer-involved-shootings, use of force incidents, civil rights complaints, and allegations of officer misconduct.

Today, an officers off-duty conduct and perceived image directly impacts the officer's on-duty performance. Police officers must understand and accept that they have an obligation to defend the image of their organization. The connection between off-duty and on-duty police officer conduct has never been greater.

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